The Flavors of Louisiana

With its French, Spanish, and African roots, Geaux Creole Seasonings embrace the culinary practices of the people that have inhabited Southern Louisiana from the 1700's to today.    
Geaux Creole is NOT a SALT and RED PEPPER spice company! Sometime over the last 30 years, the perception of creole foods has changed.  With all the cheaply made heavy in salt and Chinese "RED" pepper blends on the market today, it is no wonder people associate creole food with salty, spicy foods.

Real Creole foods are derived from many different herbs and spices that when melded together, offer a wonderful, flavor rich dish with a little kick that will tantalize your taste buds.

Geaux Creole blends are packed with many different Herbs and spices that bring intense flavors to any dish.  We do use salt in many of our blends but you will find that is much less than many of the current blends on the market today.  WE NEVER use Chinese red pepper in any of our blends.  While real Cayenne is not as hot and more expensive, it offers a nice flavor that blends well with the many other herbs and spices we use.  Cheaper, Chinese "RED" pepper actually has a negating effect on herbs and spices.  You will never see the ingredient "red Pepper" on any of our labels.

Geaux creole spices and recipes embrace bold rich flavors from across the globe and fuse them into a dishes perfected in Southern Louisiana that are packed with bold flavors but offer subtle tinges of many different herbs and spices. We use many different herbs and spices that will bring any dish to life with flavors you didn't even know existed.

Our Seafood Boil . . .

contains 16 different herbs and spices.  It will change the way you expect Crawfish to taste.

Our Creole Dust . . .

can be used as a marinade, meat rub, a seasoning during and after your meal is prepared. With 14 different herbs and spices, it will add a creole flavor to any dish.  Can you figure out all the ingredients?

Our Creole Seasoning . . .

has much less salt than the leading brands but offers much more flavor with a nice spicy finish.

Our Bloody Mary JuJu . . .

enhances this much enjoyed cocktail bringing its flavors alive like never before. Sprinkle it in and enjoy!

Try Geaux Creole herbs and spices on any dish and Creole your Soul!